Organ music at EJ Music Publishing

As our collection of Organ music is steadily growing it seems opportune to consider some of the content through this blog.

The majority of the published music for Organ is written by British composer David Llewellyn Green who wrote a substantial amount of music for this instrument. His son Gareth has also published a few pieces for Organ with us and there are a few works for Organ available which are written by the writer of this blog.

Many of the pieces for Organ published with us could be of interest to the Church and/or Cathedral Organist looking for music for liturgical purposes. David Llewellyn Green wrote many Preludes on Chorales and Hymn tunes suitable for services, such as his Prelude on 'O sacred Head' or the Hymn tune Prelude on 'Onward, Christian soldiers. His son Gareth has written a Prelude on 'Crimond', also known as the 23rd Psalm, which is often played at funerals. David Llewellyn Green's '4 Modal Interludes' or his 'Liturgical Interludes might be useful as well for Organists playing in services.

There are also several works for Organ which would fit in any concert programme or Organ recital. For example Gareth Green's celebratory piece 'Giocoso for Organ', David Ll. Green's 'Allegro vivace', or 'Scherzo' or the soon to be published variations on 'Greensleeves' by the same composer, to name a few. The writer of this blog has also written some works which could be of interest of those putting together a programme for an Organ concert; 'Sortie in F' or his 'Rondo in C'.

Works in our collection of Organ music are graded in terms of difficulty level, ranging from 'Easy' to 'Advanced+'. Many of the pieces fit for liturgical purposes fall in the 'Intermediate' category and are not too demanding for the Organist. There are also several sets of Organ pieces particularly suitable for the Organ student, such as the '3 Voluntaries' by David Llewellyn Green, or his '5 short pieces for Organ.

The layout of our house style is easy to read; every Organ score includes on the top left corner of the first page a section with registration directions. The majority of these are suggested by the composers themselves, sometimes editorially suggested by the publisher. There are also clear manual directions throughout and when a work is written for at least 3 manuals we offer an extra page of alternative registration and manual directions for a 2 manual Organ.

For the Organ music that lasts at least 2 pages we offer preview by having the first page available on the product page of each piece, and several pieces are also equipped with a video or recording of the piece.

I hope this blog provides some useful insight for any Organist into our collection of Organ music. If there are questions relating to this topic, don't hesitate to get in touch and a quick response will follow.

- Egbert Juffer

P.S.: All published sheet music for Organ is currently only available as downloads (.PDF) Click here to see our catalogue of digital Organ music.