Peter McLaren: The Exuberant Pianist 1

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The Exuberant Pianist - 1 The Irresistibly Whacky Collection

Catalogue number: EJMP04001

The Exuberant Pianist by Peter McLaren

A richly imaginative collection of pieces, progressing from simple tunes in book 1 to sophisticated pieces in book 6. Along the way the student is guided through a variety of styles and coached, with humour and a deft touch, through an array of musical and technical demands. Whilst book 2 to 6 welcome both children and adults, book 1 is essentially child-centred; grown-ups, enter at your peril!

Book 1: The Irresistibly Whacky Collection includes the following pieces:

  1. Here We Go!
  2. Gee! I Saw a Bee!
  3. 5 Little Cats
  4. Come On, Dance
  5. Don't Go Swimmin'
  6. Octave High, Octave Low
  7. Over and Over
  8. A-One 2 3 4 5
  9. Sproing Doing Sproingy Sproingy Doing Doing
  10. Hot Cats
  11. Ev'ry Night
  12. Hey Ho, Swinging Through the Treetops
  13. Scottish Pig
  14. Final Warning
  15. Just Like Me
  16. Beans
  17. Fish in the Troubled Lake
  18. Superpiglet
  19. Rockabye
  20. There Was An Old Man in a Tree
  21. I Had a Little Duck
  22. Take Off, Roll Over, Straighten Out!
  23. Phww
  24. I Got Some Money!
  25. Ben Legato
  26. Eccelente Signore!
  27. Come On Joe!
  28. Story
  29. Oh my Finger, Oh my Thumb
  30. Jem's Gone Over the River to Troy
  31. Zips
  32. Sorry Mr King, Sir
  33. Summer Song
  34. After You!

We are working with 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Intermediate, Advanced & Advanced+. Before a product is released we decide carefully on which level it fits best and we do that by comparing the music to the standards of the graded system of the ABRSM.

Easy > Grade 1-3

Intermediate > Grade 4-5

Advanced > Grade 6-8

Advanced+ > Diploma level

Peter McLaren: The Exuberant Pianist 1
Peter McLaren: The Exuberant Pianist 1