Egbert Juffer


Egbert Juffer was born in the Netherlands and studied singing with several teachers before moving to the UK where he in 2014 picked up his vocal studies with Ann Lampard MBE. In 2016 his studies with Ann Lampard where rewarded with obtaining the Associate diploma of Trinity College London in Music Performance with distinction. In 2015 Egbert started studying Music Theory with Gareth Green and obtained in the 2015/2016 season several certificates in Music Theory. In August 2016 Egbert moved to Sheffield to continue his studies with Gareth Green, working on the subjects Music Theory/Literacy, Composition and Piano which resulted in successfully obtaining the ABRSM grade 8 certificate in Music Theory followed by the Associate diploma of the London College of Music in Music Literacy in 2017. Egbert actively started composing and gained in 2017/2018 several certificates in Composition at the London College of Music - the majority of all these qualifications with distinction. Egbert's compositional style developed significantly and in October 2018 he submitted a portfolio of compositions at the London College at Music for which he was awarded the Associate diploma in Composition in January 2019.

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